Portland Trail Blazers Internship

For the '23-24 NBA Season, I consumed a boat load of live sports, leveled up my basketball knowledge, sang my heart out at arena shows and most importantly, I was apart of the brainstorming, design and development of a multitude of digital content and marketing assets for Portland's Trail Blazers. Rip City, baby!

Icon Set
Mobile App Icon Set
Matisse Graphic on Instagram
Matisse 500 Socials Graphic
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Matisse Thybulle Graphic
IPTV Scoreboard
IPTV Scoreboard (in-arena jumbotron)
Newsletters & EmailsNewsletter & Emails
Newsletter & Emails
Fred Meyer Family Nights graphic assets
Fred Meyer Family Nights
Version 1 & 2 Graphic Assets
*From Oct 2023-Feb 2024, this page recieved 70,000+ views and generated $130,000+ in revenue.
Youth Basketball wireframe
Youth Basketball Landing Page
Youth Basketball
In collaboration with Brian Moreno, Web Developer
All-star voting landing page
NBA All-Star Voting
In collaboration with Brian Moreno, Web Developer

My time with the Blazers has unfolded as a deeply enriching journey, woven with moments of learning and significant growth. From the outset, I embraced a spectrum of projects, ranging from the creation of weekly newsletters and the design of intuitive in-app functionalities to building landing pages from scratch in partnership with a web developer. Each initiative was carefully crafted to improve our digital interactions with guests, ensuring a seamless and engaging online experience.

But my involvement went beyond just my immediate responsibilities. I was granted the priceless chance to delve into the wider organization, shadowing various departments and participating in enlightening discussions with multiple teams. These experiences were beautifully complemented by my engagement in community-oriented efforts, such as organizing school supplies for teachers and assembling essential kits for those facing cold weather at a local shelter.

Within the Blazers, I found a nurturing environment that fostered meaningful connections and a profound sense of belonging, particularly highlighted by a business-resource group that brought together AAPI colleagues. This camaraderie has blossomed into enduring friendships and a familial bond, illustrating the supportive culture that defines this unique place.

Eager to expand my horizons, I actively pursued opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge, working with Ripcityclothing.com on data analysis projects to fine-tune customer experiences and supporting the creative team with the production of engaging graphics. These endeavors have not only augmented my professional skill set but have also deepened my connection to both the team and our collective mission.

Reflecting on my Blazers journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the unforgettable memories, the wealth of learning, and the incredible individuals who have been pivotal in shaping this chapter of my life. As I prepare to say goodbye to this remarkable team and the organization that has become my home, my heart is heavy yet full of appreciation.

I must extend my heartfelt thanks to my direct team—Ian Stark (Sr. Digital Product Manager), Ty Yamamoto (Digital Product Manager), Brian Moreno (Web/UX Engineer), and David Long (VP of Innovation and Technology)—for their unwavering support and the confidence they placed in me. Coming from a background in healthcare and transitioning into Digital Design, I could never have envisioned undertaking such a role. Yet, you recognized my potential and empowered me to excel. For this, I am eternally thankful. Your belief in me has transformed this opportunity into a pivotal moment in my career. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Go Blazers!
- Michelle Chau, '23-24 Digital Design Intern